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Who We Are

Vegan Cat Institute

The Vegan Cat Institute was created in 2003 as a way to disseminate knowledge about the concept of veganism in cats. The information includes both pro and con ideas about the issues.

Cat Food Campaign

Our cat food campaign is the first activist issue being promoted by the Vegan Cat Institute. This is an especially important issue for human vegans who feel a special bond with their feline companions and question the quality of the commercial food available to the public. Many people are convinced that cats absolutely must have meat in their diet. It is our mission to otherwise convince folks that there are safe, healthy dietary alternatives which can solve the dilemma of killing one animal for the benefit of another. Whether you enjoy a vegan lifestyle or vegetarian diet, or if you are a committed carnivore, we hope to prove to you that the commercial cat food you are currently feeding your cat is doing more harm than good.


The Vegan Cat Institute is managed by Dan Robinson, who acts as the Chief Executive Officer. Being a vegetarian since January 1990 and adopting a vegan lifestyle in March 1990, he is committed to promoting a healthy planet by protecting animals, treading softly upon the earth, and eating as low on the food chain as possible.

Cash Robinson is the feline voice and representative for all vegan cats. He celebrated his 4th birthday in August 2008 in excellent health and with a genuine zeal for an active and energetic lifestyle. Gone are the days of sleeping constantly with short bursts of activity. Becoming a vegan in December 2005, he now demonstrates the positive aspects of a conversion to a vegan diet at every opportunity. As a large strong cat, since becoming vegan he has trimmed down to a svelte 11.5 pounds with the energy of a 6 month old kitten. Although very friendly and sociable, he has a distinct attitude and strong sense of self often interpreted as "Don't mess with me!" Cash is the Chief Feline Officer of the Vegan Cat Institute.

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