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Free Samples

The Offer

We will send you a FREE packet of Vegan Feline Roast Mix to feed your cat. The packet contains four ounces of the ready-to-prepare dried mix. We ask that you only pay for the shipping/handling fee for delivery to your address.

In addition to the FREE sample packet we are including a FREE CD containing a substantial amount of information regarding the issue of vegan cats. The CD is yours to keep and we invite you to share the information with your friends who live with one or more companion cats. Even people who still eat meat are appalled by the disgusting ingredients in commercial pet foods and are looking for safer and healthier food for their dearest companions.

The Order

Please complete and print out the order form to receive your free sample. To pay for the shipping/handling fee we accept concealed cash, at your risk, personal checks, money orders, bank checks, and PayPal electronic payments.

By US Mail

Click here to print a blank printer-friendly order form for mailing.

By PayPal

You can expedite the delivery of your free sample by using PayPal to prepay your shipping/handling fee. We accept both NON-CREDIT CARD payments and credit card payments; however, an additional processing fee will be added for credit card processing.

Please complete the online form below. Upon submission of your form and receipt of your PayPal payment we will immediately ship your free sample package.






We will use your PayPal address below to send you a request for payment invoice through PayPal. Upon confirmation of receipt of payment we will prepare your sample package and send it to you in the next day's mail. Please indicate if you wish to use PayPal echeck from your bank account, use your PayPal account available funds, or your PayPal credit card.


PAYMENT TYPE: Echeck ($3) PayPal Funds ($3) Credit Card ($3.50)



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