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Our Vegan Feline Roast Mix is a ready-to-prepare product formulated by the Vegan Cat Institute. We source our ingredients from Harbingers of a New Age, exclusive manufacturer of the Vegecat pH and Veggie Yeast products, as well as other ingredients from US suppliers who have certified the origin of their products to us. The formulation of our product may change from time to time and any such change will be announced to our customers. We offer a free sample to new customers as a means of assuring that the food will be eaten by their cats. For further information about Vegepet products, we encourage you to visit their web site at


Our shipping for samples is by USPS and for orders by FedEx Home Delivery (Ground). Our shipping/handling charge includes actual shipping cost from USPS or FedEx, plus packaging materials, and a small fee for hand processing the order. Shipping can be a significant part of the total cost of any product by mail and we do our best to minimize the shipping/handling as much as possible.


We do not at present accept credit cards. The overhead cost is too much for our small operation. Cash may be used but is sent entirely at your risk of loss in the mail. Money orders and bank checks ensure immediate product shipment. Personal checks require a 10 day clearing process prior to shipment, due to past losses from bounced payments. We will accept a credit card payment through PayPal provided that the customer is willing to pay an additional processing fee for handling the credit card transaction. Non-credit card PayPal electronic payments are preferred. Both PayPal payments ship immediately.


Lost or damaged shipments will be processed through FedEx and replaced with an approved claim. All other matters will be handled on a case by case basis.


We will not utilize your personally provided information for any other purpose than to process your order and solicit future orders. We will make every reasonable effort to protect your information from theft and will promptly notify you if our records have been compromised.

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