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Vegan Feline Roast Mix is priced by the pound. The current rate is $6.00 per pound. Each package is 24 ounces and contains enough mix to make three roasts about one pound each.

Please consider the following when placing an order. Shipping charges are generally proportionately higher for small light packages vs. larger heavier packages. Cats will only consume so much food per day. The Vegan Feline Roast that you make will freeze and thaw well and will not reduce the nutrient quality or the flavor for your cat. Each mix package will provide one roast that you can use immediately and two roasts that you can freeze for later use. The typical 10 pound cat will consume all three roasts in about one week. You must decide the proper balance for your particular situation. We recommend eight mix packages per cat as a good compromise for each order. This amount should feed your cat for about two months. The sealed mix packages have a shelf life probably in excess of a year. So you can order more packages to reduce the shipping cost without fear of the product going bad.

We are currently developing an order processing system for our web site. In the meantime please place an order by contacting us by email. If you have placed a previous order with us, we will utilize your email address to reference your shipping information from your prior purchase. Please indicate the amount you are ordering and how you would like to make payment. We will quote you a delivered price and await your payment.

We hope to eventually streamline our ordering system to include credit cards and a quicker ordering/delivery process. Such is the life of the small developing organization.

We thank you for your orders and welcome your referrals.

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